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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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1.  How should i place an order?  Answer: Simply call ph# Ph# 0943 7282220 | 0999 5171238 | 0926 6433802 or send an email to shop@cjandrileyonlinestore.com with the following information:
                 *  Full Name                                        * Phone Number
                 *  Shipping Address                             * Qty
                 *  Code of product you wish to buy      * Size
                 *  Mode of payment - we accept credit cards, pay-pal, check, cash, remittance via
                     Xoom or Western Union
2.  For those outside the Philippines, how should they place an order?  Answer:  same as number 1.  The order will be shipped via Fedex or UPS.  
3.  If i realize that i needed a different size, can i return the merchandise?  Answer:  No, we have a "no return, no exchange policy" because our products are valued at a very low price compared to the market.  We advise you to contact us for any questions you might have before placing the order.
4.  Does the price include shipping or freight? Answer:  No, the sales price does not include shipping or freight.  We charge you the actual shipping or freight charge which can be determined once the product gets out of our warehouse. We do have a free shipping promo for every Php2,500 order.
5.  Is it secure if i pay by credit card? Answer:  Yes, your credit card will be kept confidential & secure, payment will be processed via a credible & safe online payment that's very well accepted in the wold wide web.
6.  How do you accept cash payment if i'm outside the Philippines?  Answer:  you can remit your payment via Western Union or Xoom, please contact us for the remittance information. We also accept credit card & paypal payments. 

Email –  shop@cjandrileyonlinestore.com
Ph# 0943 7282220 | 0999 5171238 | 0926 6433802